My name is Thanasis, a shorter version of the full name Athanasios, which means almost immortal in my mother language, greek. Just by removing the first later A (Alpha), the meaning of the name changes completely and becomes mortal. In a funny way, I am immortal but you can call me mortal.

So, you may know my name, but actually you know nothing about me. If you keep reading this page, as well as the blog, you will end up knowing me more, even more than my family and friends. How can such a thing happen? It may happen just because I try to express myself in an honest way through writing. Via blogging, I am sharing my thoughts, emotions, experiences, ideas and memories. I try to put all these in a way that will make sense, even if I fail most of the times.

I have been writing the last 8 years with some breaks in between. But I have done so in greek, the language that I feel more comfortable using for such thing. It’s so strange for someone to express themselves in an other language, and since my level in english is not that good, I am kindly asking for forgiveness from those that will get disappointed of me and my skills. I hope to improve and write in a better way.

The last year I started a blog in greek, Στοχαστής (Stochastis) is the name of it and it means the thinker. There, I share me new writings along with the previous ones, prior to the creation of the blog. In greek, I managed to form my style of writing. Somebody who reads me can figure out that the person who is writing is actually me. But in english, I am starting from scratch once again. Not only I don’t have a good command, but also I lack the vocabulary needed for such a reason as this hobby of writing is. Because in the end, this is just a hobby for me.

I started writing just to impress a girl, or maybe more, and I found out the benefits of such an activity. Now I realise how crucial it is for everyone to find their way of expression. Other people paint, others are dancing, singing, taking photographs. I just write, or I should better say, I try to write. During the day, we experience many things, we have unlimited thoughts and we feel emotions that we don’t have the time to reflect on them. I believe that we need more reflection in our lives. And writing helps me to do so. Through writing, I manage to open my heart, not just my mind, the subconscious and not so much the conscious self. And I am writing a lot, because I need time to unlock the subconcious self and let it express in a way that in the end will have something meaningful to share.

With all these, I mean that I found the crucial aspect of therapeutic side of writing. With this activity, I manage to self-psychoanalyze and help me achieving self-psychotherapy. Thus, writing is a tool above all. It feels good to see it that way. I believe that all of the people, regardless if they are sane or insane, if they are mentally healthy or sick, they should visit professionals such as psychologists. But, as a supplement, I would suggest to explore themselves using the Arts. We tend to believe that we know ourselves but we just fooling the person we shouldn’t fool at all. If you take a look in your mirror, you may see somebody that you are sure that you know. But guess what, you are just a stranger to yourself and you don’t have the guts to admit it.

Anyway, I like triggering others like this. I have good intensions, and even if I might talk a bit more than I should, I am still trying for a positive impact. I wish I was wise enough and influence the world around me towards a positive change. But I am just a fool that fools himself. Having the chance to read my inner thoughts, you may identify every now and then with a few of them. In the end, you will see that we are not so different.

Through this blog, I have the opportunity to talk with 8 billion people, instead of the 10 million greeks that can read my thoughts on the other blog, and this makes me smile. I hope that I will touch some souls out there and make them feel less alone. I know how it feels to be alone since my whole life I feel that way. I might be extrovert but deep inside me I am just a psycho introvert. I might socialise easily but I am talking about problems and make silly jokes on death. I have something that people around me like, I am honest, and I like the truth.

Here is my favourite maxim:

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.


It takes so much strength to be truly honest not just with others but mostly with yourself and sometimes I am impressed by myself. I feel weak but so strong at the same time and that feeling is strange.

Anyway, this is supposed to be an opening, about page, and the more I talk, the more I ruin it.

My purpose here is to cultivate myself in an alternative way, this time using the english way of thinking, and to see where this will lead me to. The goal to achieve this is by sharing my new writings every second weekend. I will try to maintain both blogs and share two and two writings, four in total every month. Let’s see how disciplined I am and if I can manage it.

I almost forgot to share the idea of the blog. So, the thinker, but why? The skill that separates us from other animals is thinking. That being we call human, is becoming human when she/he starts to think. I truly believe that all of us should give it a go, that this ability has to be used. We should cultivate ourselves, just like gardeners of our own souls. I am not a thinker, I just try to think. I am not a philosopher, I just like philosophising. I am not better, I am just different. I am not asking you, I am taking you by the hand and dive inside me, giving you by this way the opportunity to experience something you wouldn’t do otherwise. At least, that’s what I try to do.

Human under construction? What does that mean? I am using here the word Human with a capital H. I try to focus on the philosophical aspect of human beings and investigate how far it can go. Where are the limits, what do you think? This term has no end since it was, it is, and will always be under construction on the hands of thinkers, just like me, just like you.

I hope to find my way with english and the melody of thinking I really need so I will share writings that will not just be good but also beautiful.

Let’s make cosmos a bit more conscious.