Towards a New Mindset

If crises can be, indeed, seen as opportunities, that notion brings us a feeling of excitement about our own times.

And it is this feeling of excitement that merges with fear and anxiety that draw upon our face, not the scream, as Munch illustrated in the past, but a dizzy, yet very much alive, and full of open eyes, look.

Now that we are facing the problems that will lead us to extinction, now that the existential crisis hits us for real, we are near the end of this phase as a conscious species.

Which phase is this? It is this one that based on Philosophy, Arts and Science, in other words, reasoning, sensing and awakening, we came closer to understanding of who and what we are, of which our capabilities are and what kind of prospects lay in front of us, to the near future.

The threats, the enemies, the problems, are the only ones that can make us unite and overcome our narrow mindsets of the past, that in many ways brought us here, but at the same time, can’t take us further on.

That is why, not only we are forming a new mindset, but also, if we will not do so, we will be extinct almost for sure.

Reevaluation of life is on high demand. All around the globe, people are squeezing their minds and souls, trying to overcome their own limits, with a hope of finding, or better say creating, new meanings.

All the new cells of humanity are pondering and pondering, ready to flourish, bringing the change of mindset we are in need of.

Luckily enough, we haven’t found yet the cure to death, and so all those bad cells that keep us back, feeding the cancer of us, are slowly but steadily dying as they should do. This means that we still have some time to update and upgrade ourselves, as a species, before cancer kills us all.

The soup is boiling, it is almost ready to be served. We are part of the soup, particles of life that are about to feed Her, from life to Life.

On which side are you on? Are you just wasting your time preserving the situation that eventually will destroy us? Are you focusing only on your little self without even noticing what is going on in the world? Are you the bad player that irresponsible asks for more cards sending us all to the guillotine?

Or may you be on our side? Trying not to lose your hope against all the difficulties that we face and which they are strengthening us? Are you causing yourself a little pain on a daily manner in order to reconstruct your body, mind and soul? Do you show anyhow that you really care about yourself, your people and life in general? I know it’s hard to try to understand everything and everyone but it is through this effort that we come closer to ourselves and others.

In the end, good intentions are good enough. And, in addition to this, a simple, yet important, gesture can be seen as another little brick on the stairs that all of us, the so called good cells of humanity, are building. The stairs that help us reach another level of height inside our brains, a height that can liberate us from our own misfunctioning that is based on the blurred sight that until now we had.

The New Mindset is focusing on learning more and unlocking a deeper understanding, trying to improve the solutions to the problems of the past, seeing ourselves as one big organism that through our eyes sees and examines itself. While doing all these, it helps us become wiser and profoundly present.

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